ProMed Mobile Imaging
We deploy portable ultrasound and x-ray technologies to anywhere you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the technologies certified?

All our technologists are Canadian-trained and certified. Each technologist must have at least 2 years experience and each must carry their own liability insurance. They must also submit to a criminal record check and multiple references.

Who are your radiologists?

All the radiologists reading and reporting the exams are Canadian-trained and certified through the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

How does my doctor get the report?

An electronic copy of the report is sent to the referring physician within 48 hours of the image being acquired. If there is an urgent finding at the time of the exam, the technologist on site will call the reporting radiologist, and the radiologist will get in touch with the referring physician as quickly as possible.

Can my doctor see the images?

Yes — the x-ray and ultrasound images will be available for your doctor to look at through a secure province-wide e-health system (only physicians are able to log into this site).

How can I get my images?

For a fee, ProMed Mobile Imaging Inc. will provide you a data-stick with your images on it. The ultrasound images will be at their standard resolution and size (no compression, so no image quality loss).

Due to the very large size of digital x-ray images (they are surprisingly large), we can only provide you with reduced-resolution images. They will still look like standard x-ray images on your computer, but a radiologist would not be able to use them for reporting purposes due to the compression they would undergo (the computer screens that radiologists use typically run $20,000 – $35,000).

(And don’t worry — your original images are stored in full-size uncompressed format on our secured servers).

How do I know my images and data are safe?

We use the latest in encryption software to ensure your images are securely stored on our firewalled secure servers. We use the same technology the hospitals and health regions use to keep your data safe.